Executive Leadership

Matthew Harris, President & CEO

Matthew Harris is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Meridian Communications, LLC.  He brings over 10 years of management consulting experience in support of the federal government, industry, think tanks and academia with specializations in strategic planning, programmatic and communications.  Prior to establishing Prime Meridian, Mr. Harris served as a federal employee with the National Defense University and later as a strategic planning, programmatic and communications consultant to the Missile Defense Agency and a management consultant to the Transportation Security Administration.  Mr. Harris also provided academic support to Missouri State University’s Department of Defense and Strategic Studies located in the Washington D.C.-metropolitan area.  He holds a Master of Arts in Security Studies from Kansas State University, a Master of Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government and History from Ohio Wesleyan University along with numerous professional certifications from the Defense Acquisition University.

Denise Evans, Vice President & Senior Advisor

Denise Evans is the Vice President and Senior Advisor for Prime Meridian Communications, LLC.  Mrs. Evans brings over 30 years of information services and project management experience, including healthcare specific information technology application services.

Nycole Evans, Creative Director

Nycole Evans joined Prime Meridian Communications, LLC in February 2014 and serves as the Creative Director.  She brings over 12 years of graphic and website design experience, including specialization in XHMTL, HTML, CSS, ASP, W3C standards, Section 508 compliance and validations of the W3C organization, and various search engine optimization tools for websites.  Prior to joining Prime Meridian, Ms. Evans worked in creative marketing and as a search engine optimization strategist for clients.  Ms. Evans graduated from Cittone Institute with certifications in website development and photography.  Ms. Evans manages Umbrella Mind, a blog focusing on identifying resources and support for people on the Autism spectrum.